Chris Wood

Chris Wood, Ordered Chance, 115 x 115 cm 


Chris Wood’s medium is light. She uses a range of high and low-tech optical materials to harness patterns of light that suggest ephemeral glimpsed moments in the natural world. Her sculptures are simple arrangements creating kinetic patterns in response to the environments in which they are placed. 

After studying Furniture Design at Middlesex University in the mid 80s Chris went on to study glass at the Royal College of Art, where she worked on architectural scale projects dealing with light and space. Wood produces innovative installations for gallery exhibition and has shown extensively

throughout internationally. 

Chris often uses a material called dichroic which was originally developed by NASA space agency. Dichroic is a colourless material that filters and reflects wavelengths of light producing a huge variety of rainbow coloured shadows and projections. 
Dichroic (meaning two colour) is an optical coating on glass or acrylic that selectively reflects certain wavelengths of light and allows the remaining wavelengths to transmit through. The material shifts from being reflective like a golden mirror to vibrantly coloured or almost transparent, depending upon the viewpoint and angle of light. It is a material that very eloquently expresses the magic of the phenomenon of light. 

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